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Choose your hotel in St-Brieuc, a town ranging over two valleys, linked by several bridges and viaducts.

Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes d’Armor region in Brittany, is situated on the curve of the bay which bears its name - St Brieuc Bay. The historic centre of St-Brieuc was constructed around the cathedral of Saint-Etienne, a fortified church erected in the 12th century. The building houses an organ case from 1540 and wooded altarpieces in a Baroque style. The architecture of the town of St-Brieuc is very varied. Half-timbered houses, contemporary structures and corbelled properties are all present, some of which are certified as Historic Monuments. This is the case for the Maison du Ribeault which has a half-timbered exterior on which one can see trefoils and sculptures. The Tour de Cesson is listed as an Historic Monument. It was constructed in 1395 and dominates both St-Brieuc Bay and the Gouët estuary. Close to the city centre is the port, which is used for both pleasure and commerce, with crustaceans, fish and scallops being specialities of St-Brieuc Bay. The bay, classed as a nature reserve, receives more than 40,000 migratory birds each year. Choose now your hotel with a view in Saint-Brieuc!