Your stay with a view in Rouen

Book a hotel in Rouen and discover a city full of history.

Rouen, a Norman city on the banks of the Seine, is a town with a rich cultural heritage and an ideal choice for a city break!

Booking a hotel in Rouen in Normandy will introduce you to a city full of charm and history. In fact, the Rouen region has been continuously inhabited since prehistoric times. During a walk in the city of Rouen you will discover many religious monuments from different historical periods: from the Abbey of Saint-Ouen, founded around 750, to the modern church of Joan of Arc, completed in 1979, by way of Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Church of Saint-Maclou. Rouen’s nickname is ‘The City of a Hundred Steeples’.

Spending a few days in a hotel in Rouen also gives you the chance to visit the city’s many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts with its important collection of Impressionist paintings, the Museum of Ceramics in a beautiful mansion, the Musée le Secq des Tournelles and its collection of ancient ironwork... 
Rouen is also a green city with gardens including the Delivet Garden, the Botanical Garden with its listed historical monuments, and Sainte-Catherine Hill where you can enjoy a clear view over Rouen’s two river banks. Effectively, the city is divided in two by the river Seine. The visitor can also enjoy a pleasant walk along the riverbank.