Your stay with a view in a hotel in Hossegor

Discover the charm of the Landes in the Hossegor region, between lake and ocean!

Hossegor is an ideal destination for a sporty holiday or a relaxing holiday.

The town of Hossegor is situated between the Landes forest and the Atlantic Ocean, in the Aquitaine region. This commune is famous for its sporting events, with annual surfing competitions, golf and Enduro. The city has a rich architectural heritage with its Basque-Landes villas and monuments such as the Église de la Sainte-Trinité and the Chapelle Notre-Dame des Dunes. Hossegor has a large marine lake, and walking along its shores is popular with many visitors. 

Find a hotel in Hossegor

Belonging to the department of Landes, in the New-Aquitaine region, Hossegor is a popular seaside resort. It is located on the Silver Coast, halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the vast forest of the Landes. Known for its outstanding natural heritage, the city of Hossegor is a popular destination for surfers. It can be visited all year round as it is easy to find a hotel in Hossegor. 

Hossegor, a sumptuous site for your holidays

In order to discover this seaside resort with magnificent natural landscapes, there is no substitute for accommodation on site. Once accommodated in a hotel in Hossegor, you will be able to discover this resolutely young town, situated near the two very touristic towns of Capbreton and Seignosse, appreciated by camping enthusiasts. With its superb waterfront along the Silver Coast, Hossegor has many assets. It attracts sports enthusiasts in particular, who can take advantage of one of the best sites in France to surf. The Gravière spot is one of the most recognized. With its authentic villas and beautiful gardens, Hossegor is a charming seaside resort.

Priority places to visit in Hossegor

Hossegor stands out for its exceptional environmental heritage. The beauty of its landscapes, and especially its beaches, is no longer to be demonstrated. Perfectly preserved, the Silver Coast also has a long green lane and numerous hiking trails. Cyclists will enjoy discovering the region and the Landes forest by bike. Hossegor also has an extraordinary sea lake, which gradually fills up with the tides. The walkers will be able to walk around the lake, for a 7 km long walk. You can also find a hotel by the lake of Hossegor in order to fully enjoy this enchanting setting. And if you want to regain your strength after a strenuous sports day, you will have the opportunity to visit a restaurant in Hossegor on the seaside to enjoy a magnificent view.

What activities to do in Hossegor?

The city of Hossegor offers many activities for holidaymakers staying in Hossegor. Sport is of course the main asset of this town famous for surfing. Every summer, the best specialists in the discipline meet to test the most beautiful spots near the city. Numerous shops dedicated to sports are available. The commune is also known for its superb golf courses. Every year, many bikers from all over France meet there to participate in the enduro of Hossegor. In a hotel on the shores of Lake Hossegor or in a restaurant on the seaside in Hossegor, you will enjoy an exceptional holiday in this splendid seaside resort.