Your stay with a view in a hotel in Carnac

When you choose a beautiful hotel with a view in Carnac, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea from the minute you wake up.

The town of Carnac is located in Morbihan in southern Brittany. This seaside resort is famous for its beauty, its location and especially its 2934 menhirs which stretch for nearly 4 km.

Carnac's Rock Formations
One of the must-see attractions of the region are the menhirs and dolmens which are unique to this area. While on holiday in Carnac, these rock formations are sure to be the first thing that you will want to visit. You can also see more of these unique stones at Ménec, Kermario and Manio, Kerlescan and little Menec and some date back to 4000 to 5000 BC.

Carnac's Other Attractions
Carnac also boats an interesting architectural heritage with Saint-Cornely's church, the village and chapel of Saint Colomban to the southwest of the city, and the chapel of Saint-Michel. For nature lovers, Carnac is located close to huge beaches, beautiful forests and moors. You will also find many hiking trails between the land and the sea. Another point of interest for shellfish lovers is the L’anse du Pô oyster farm. Those who love oysters and shellfish can sample the local produce which is served in the many seaside restaurants.

Book your hotel on the beach in Carnac to spend a memorable holiday.