Your stay with a view in a hotel in Carcassonne

Discover the medieval city of Carcassonne by staying in one of our charming 3,4 or 5 star hotels.

The Canal du Midi, the waterway which connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, runs right through the town, and Carcassonne's gardens and vineyards are certain to appeal to all nature lovers.

Carcassonne is a charming town in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and lies within the Aude department. This famous medieval city is justly renowned for its picturesque and well-preserved cultural and religious heritage. This town in the south of France owes its name to the legend of Dame Carcass, wife of the buckwheat king Ballak who came to France at the time of Charlemagne. Today, its cultural and religious heritage is recognized on a worldwide scale, since its Canal du Midi and its city are classified as UNESCO heritage.

Many monuments to visit in Carcassonne

In addition to the two monuments mentioned above, Carcassonne is rich in castles, churches and museums. If you have to make a selection of places to visit, the medieval city appears to be a must as well as the church of St Nazaire. If the weather turns rainy, you will be delighted to be safe while visiting the Fine Arts Museum and the Inquisition Museum.

Carcassonne for all types of stays

Carcassonne offers its visitors different accommodation options. If you are looking for a hotel in Carcassonne, you will find different categories. For a romantic stay, there is nothing like a charming hotel in Carcassonne. The city is full of charming little hotels ideally located in the city centre. Some will prefer the prestige of a luxury hotel in Carcassonne or a 4-star hotel. Carcassone is home to many types of establishments, everyone should find their happiness there! 

What activities to do in Carcassonne?

Carcassonne responds to every desire for holidays. Sportsmen and women will be delighted to have fun doing water skiing, mountain biking, karting or mobilboarding. Girlfriends can plan a stay there with the shopping program at the markets and relaxing breaks at Le Boudoir or one of the other health centres in the city. Whether in a charming hotel or luxury hotel in Carcassonne, friends and family will not be bored. A day trip to the Australian water park or park, tree-climbing or mini-golf... The schedule of your stay may be filled out. Don't forget to take both children and adults for a walk on the Carroussel. 

Where to dine in Carcassonne?

In Carcassonne, all the cuisines meet: oriental cuisine, French cuisine... there is something for everyone. On the establishments side, you will be welcomed in the bistrots and friendly inns that are well worth a visit. Local cuisine and its fresh produce, unusual places, charming table, vary the pleasures before returning to take a well deserved rest in your charming hotel in Carcassonne.