Mykonos is a small island located around Greece in the Cyclades. Everyone has already heard about this dream destination… Small white and blue alleys, flowery passages, and an incredible view on the sea!
Mykonos remains, although very touristic in summer, a relaxing and soothing destination, a real relaxing setting for a lazy holiday under the sun, or a more touristic holiday.

In fact, there are many places to visit in Mykonos. Stay in a luxury hotel with views and enrich yourself culturally with all the riches of Mykonos. You can visit the folklore museum in a traditional house to understand the culture of the Greek islands, treat yourself to a superb view by visiting the ancient windmills that overlook the island, or visit the church of Paraportiani, known for its whiteness and contrast with the sea.

Stay in a charming hotel right on the water, which offers direct access to the beach and a superb sea view. The beaches of the island are extremely well known, how could you visit Mykonos without diving? The island has about twenty beaches to enjoy the sea especially for water sports lovers !
You can also enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Mykonos, especially from your hotel room with a view! As soon as night falls, warm colours invade the sky, it’s breathtaking!

Mykonos is best known for its festive atmosphere, a young, dancing destination, where nightlife is more present than anywhere else in the country. Between nightclubs, DJs, cafes, or dancing bars, you won’t be bored!
Mykonos welcomes you under its blazing sun for a festive holiday, relaxing or more touristic but will in any case fill your eyes.

Hotels in Mykonos

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