Why not visit Madrid on your next holiday? A festive city nestled in the heart of Spain, and especially a city marked by its strong history.

Stay in a luxury hotel in the heart of Madrid and take the opportunity to walk all the streets of the city, to visit the many museums and other historical monuments that make it up. Visit the Prado Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, stroll through the Royal Palace and its magnificent gardens, admire the beauty of the Plaza Mayor. All these visits will bring you culture and history. They will take you back centuries and make you travel through the different Spanish artists and personalities who lived there.

Apart from its important history, Madrid is also the very essence of Spain and party. The atmosphere is festive, in the streets or in the bars, especially at night. It is also at the same time that the tapas bars are spread all over the city, and in Madrid, it is a true tradition to taste absolutely!

Hotels in Madrid

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