Located in the southwest, Heidelberg is a German city nestled between 2 hills and crossed by the Neckar river, it is a dynamic city and populated by many students who make it a popular university city.

In its center, many restaurants and shops, but also some charming hotels offering you a splendid view of the city and its surrounding countryside.
The old town itself has grown around the market place which is located just below the Heidelberg Palace. Lanes strewn with cobblestones, old buildings and the famous Church of Saint-Esprit make it a very charming district.
Known for its Karl-Theodor bridge built in 1788, which crosses the river, the city offers its inhabitants and tourists a charming, pleasant setting, with colorful architecture where life is good.

So why not stay in a luxury hotel with a view of the Neckar or the city for your next vacation?

Hotels in Heidelberg

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