Sussex is a coastal region located in the south of England, it is divided into 2, the Sussex of the east and west. In this region are hidden many landscapes, all different from each other, which will impress you with their beauty and greatness.

Many hikes and other walks will be at your fingertips to discover the villages that inhabit this region.
If you are looking for an attractive environment, stay in a charming hotel in Brighton, a city bustling with nightlife, known for its festive side. Take your children to the most famous amusement park in England and stroll through the streets of the city invaded by street art.
Visit the coast of the region and admire incredible landscapes, stroll around Eastbourne, on the impressive cliffs of the beachy head.

On the culture side now, Sussex is not lacking monuments to visit or contemplate: castles, abbeys, artist’s house like that of Bateman’s or other historic buildings all more impressive than each other, what to make many cultural but also culinary discoveries, starting with a breakfast so British!


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