To have a good stay in Sicily, and not to miss any of the must-sees, start your visit to the island by visiting the volcano Etna, which is regularly in fusion.

In the town of Taormina, choose a hotel with a view, to admire the sea from your bed. Then visit the beautiful city of Siracusa and its splendid multicoloured fish market. Stop in the baroque town of Noto where everything is beautiful. Many charming hotels in Sicily await you for your comfort.

To continue your stay in Sicily, visit the city of Agrigento and its exceptional site of ancient Greece. Stay a few days in this city to take the time to stroll through the streets and discover this uniquely preserved place. Alternatively, leave the coast and wander inland where sheep, goats, donkeys and cows graze peacefully in the green pastures. Continue to Palermo and stop to visit this beautiful Sicilian capital where all the scents of the south are concentrated in one place.

Hotels in Sicily

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