Crete is an island of 8300 km2 in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, part of Greece, it will offer you sumptuous landscapes.
Being the 5th largest island in this territory, Crete by its size will offer you many landscapes, all very different.

Stay in a hotel with a view of nature and enjoy the greenery of the island, its fauna and flora. Many hikes will be within your reach to discover the smallest hamlets that inhabit Crete, as if frozen in time.
Also enjoy its many beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see: beaches of white sand, pink, pebbles, coves, you will inevitably find your happiness, the water is hot, turquoise, enough to spend a beautiful holiday under the umbrella!
Stay in the city centre in a luxury hotel and enjoy the attractiveness of the island that becomes festive in the evening! During the day, visit the ruins of the Knossos Palace, a must-see monument for fans of mythology, then admire the Topolia Gorges and then visit one of the many Cretan caves, including the one in Melidoni, which is more than impressive by its reliefs.

Crete welcomes you for a stay full of visits and activities.

Hotels in Crete

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