Sardinia, an Italian island located south of Corsica, is an ideal holiday destination for combining the joys of the sea with cultural discoveries! Sardinia enjoys a sunny climate most of the year. Staying in a charming hotel with a view in Sardinia by the sea, you can discover the island’s beaches, some of which are among the most beautiful in Italy.

You can also take advantage of your stay in Sardinia to discover the Nuraghes, amazing stone castles built more than a thousand years before our era (at the time of the Egyptian pharaohs), or some of the spectacular caves that erosion has carved into the limestone rocks. Radiating from your luxury hotel with view in Sardinia, you can also visit some of the hilltop villages or ancient towns that have retained all the charm of an authentic island, or visit the venerable churches that often house unsuspected art treasures.

A stay in Sardinia is thus the ideal opportunity to alternate between the joys of the beach, the pleasures of the water and the discoveries of an island that is surprising in the variety and diversity of its cultural and natural heritage.

Hotels in Sardinia

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