Your stay with sea view in a hotel in Positano

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Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a town in the great Salerno province, located in the Campania region of Italy.

It is a very famous seaside resort that, according to a legend, was created by Neptune (god of the sea) in person, out of love for a nymph. Visiting this city, you will appreciate its charming beauty of radiant white houses in this area. It is a paradise destination that has many places of interest, and it offers many adventurous activities. From the mountains to the turquoise sea, magnificent blue sky, bougainvillea, small colorful villages and many more await you in this beautiful city. From your hotel in Positano you will be able to enjoy your time and various activities offered in the calm and peaceful town. For example, you can visit the numerous Saracen towers of the city or go to Fornillo, a large beach where you can sunbathe in peace and/or indulge in the various other activities that a beach worthy of the name can offer such as nautical activities. You can also visit "Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale", which is a magnificent, sacred and religious site. The local gastronomy will also make you travel more fulfilling including its specialty of fried calamari.