Luxury hotel in Porto-Vecchio for a stay in Corsica

Discover the charm of Porto-Vecchio: find a luxury hotel or villa to rent in South Corsica!

Porto-Vecchio is a picturesque French town situated in the south-east coast of the beautiful island of Corsica. Also known as the "City of Salt", with reference to the atmospheric salt marshes that extend over ten hectares, Porto-Vecchio is the third most populated town in Corsica. A popular tourist resort, with its sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes, including the famous beach of Santa Giulia, Porto-Vecchio has the good fortune of having the mountains as well as a marine landscape - it is a truly idyllic location that is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Discover Corsica, between luxury and charm, in Porto-Vecchio in a luxury hotel. Do you dream of a hotel with your feet in the water? Book in a luxurious hotel, with spacious rooms and an unobstructed view of the sea. Whether you know Corsica or not, you cannot remain insensitive to its charm. Enjoy a massage in front of the sea: absolute relaxation for a perfect stay in a luxury hotel in Porto-Vecchio.

And if you prefer the privacy of a villa, rent a luxury villa by the sea!

Porto Vecchio sits on the southern tip of Corsica, like a jewel of the Mediterranean. There is no shortage of charming hotels and large villas for a romantic holiday. Whether you are renting a villa in Porto Vecchio, or a room in a charming hotel with sea view, you will enjoy a relaxing stay in this seaside town still very much marked by its Italian history.

Book a luxury hotel in Porto Vecchio for a romantic vacation

You have chosen Porto Vecchio to spend a romantic holiday, between sea, sun, beach, swimming and hiking? Book a room in a hotel in Porto Vecchio on the seaside, just a stone's throw from the beach and with a view of the Mediterranean coast and azure blue. This seaside resort in the southern tip of Corsica is a historical jewel. Its Genoese history can be read in its stones and streets. Take a random stroll through the narrow streets of the historic centre, observe the houses and their southern colours, smell the city's maritime air. This walk is just as rich in the evening, at nightfall, as it is in the morning, before the shops open. You can even set your sights on a charming hotel in Porto Vecchio in the old town centre, so that you can blend in with the history of the city.

Choose a charming hotel in Porto Vecchio

All luxury hotels are composed of spacious, well-equipped, cosy rooms with a view of the sea or the city. If you take full board, you will benefit from a catering service that respects local culinary traditions. You will have the joy of tasting maritime specialities and typical Mediterranean dishes, characterized by their great variety of colours. Each luxury hotel in Porto Vecchio is located just a stone's throw from all the tourist amenities (beach, shops, restaurants, bars, visit of the old town). In the evening, stroll along the illuminated harbour and the bustling streets of the city. During the day, you will discover the Genoese Gate and the Bastion of France, ancient elements of the military architecture of Porto Vecchio.

Luxury villa for rent in Porto Vecchio

You will be able to envision your holidays in a different way, away from the hustle and bustle of tourism, and rent a large house with a swimming pool, in order to fully enjoy your romantic sunny holidays. Outside the city, in more intimate places, you will find fabulous villas, sometimes with swimming pool, that you can rent during your stay. Villa rental in Porto Vecchio is a very popular phenomenon. The budget is essentially the same as for a hotel in Porto Vecchio by the sea. For a luxury villa in Porto Vecchio, prefer a location close to the sea and with a mountain view. You will be very close to the hiking trails that crisscross the region, and which allow lovers of walking to discover landscapes not otherwise accessible.