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The charm of Corsica, this unique island, this small piece of paradise in the Mediterranean bathed in sunlight enchants its visitors with the beauty of its seascapes, its white sandy beaches with transparent water, its turquoise coves, its mild climate even in winter, its roads lined with olive trees and orange trees. The turquoise bays, mild climate even in winter, and roads that are lined with olive and orange trees. You can simply relax or go sightseeing, hiking and take part in sports activities. This island is truly a jewel with a rich heritage and preserved traditions that have seen a cultural revival, making it even more magical.

Corsica: the isle of beauty

Want to escape on the Mediterranean coast? For your next holiday, choose Corsica. Located 171 km southeast of Menton, on the Côte d' Azur, 83 km west of Tuscany and 12 km north of Sardinia, Corsica is an island of wooded and mountainous beauty. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean with an area of more than 8700 km2. There is more than one charming hotel in Corsica and it is also possible to rent a luxury villa in Corsica.

The island has several unmissable tourist sites. It is possible to book a luxury hotel in Corsica near museums, sacred sites, historical monuments and cathedrals. To discover: the private museum Guy Savelli, Maison Bonaparte, Saint-Michel de Murato church, the oratory of the Confrérie de Sainte Croix, the Bonifacio Citadel, La Citadella and the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Serra. A multitude of lakes, rivers and streams form the Corsican landscape. You will be able to admire the superb and breathtaking landscapes of the island from your luxury villa in Corsica with a view. If you choose to rent a villa in Corsica, do not hesitate to browse our selection. You will not fail to find the one that best suits your needs.

Its 1000 km long coastline, its wonderful beaches and its favourable climate make Corsica an unforgettable holiday destination. The island benefits from a Mediterranean climate: the temperature varies between 25 and 35°C in summer. The coasts of Corsica are home to gulfs as well as sandy and rocky beaches. Choose a luxury hotel in Corsica and make the most of your stay.

For hikers or outdoor enthusiasts, Corsica is surely the perfect place to go for hiking or outdoor activities. The island has more than 200 peaks exceeding more than 2000 meters of altitude, in particular the Monte Cristo which rises to 2706 meters. You can also visit the famous regional nature park of Corsica, which covers more than a third of the island. It unites the Gulf of Porto, the nature reserve of Scandola and high mountains. The famous GR 20 crosses it from north to south. This long-distance hiking trail is a mythical path that allows you to criss-cross Corsica to discover all its splendour. The course spans nearly 180 km and can be completed in 16 days.

If you want to spend your holidays in a fabulous island, do tourism or outdoor activities, opt for a stay in Corsica. In addition to our collection of charming hotels in Corsica, we also offer a selection of luxury villas in Corsica. Our rental service of villas in Corsica is at your disposal.