Your stay with a view in a hotel in Montreux

A few days in a luxury hotel in Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva!

Montreux is a Swiss city in the canton of Vaud and the District of Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut. Montreux is located on the north shore of Lake Geneva, with a breathtaking vista of Jura, south of the Vaud Riviera. The city has a mild climate, therefore the opportunity it renders for hiking around Lake Geneva makes it an attractive destination for hiking enthusiasts. Many luxury hotels are available in the center. Montreux is globally renowned for its Jazz Festival, which takes place every year in July in its Convention Centre.

You dream that the sun rises, that it floods Lake Geneva with its rays, chasing the night air to warm the atmosphere... From the charming hotel room in Montreux that you rented for a romantic weekend, the view is sublime: the horizon blends between heaven and earth, the azure of the first one with the metallic blue of the second. The abrupt surface of the mountains seems to plunge into the tranquillity of water, strength and softness in subtle essence. After a hearty breakfast, you take a walk, hand in hand, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Regardless of the time of year you choose for this romantic prelude or the hotel in Montreux, Switzerland you booked, floral arrangements and exotic trees accompany you on your walk, in true pleasure of the eyes. In this magnificent park, countless sculptures punctuate your walk, bronzes and brass, forged irons and other materials proposed to the imagination while, in the distance, immersing water as if by magic, the medieval castle of Chillon, built on a rock, seems to float out of time. Finally, you don't dream: every hotel in Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva offers this and much more.

Imagine yourself, now, in the summer in a luxury hotel in Montreux. The renowned jazz festival is in full swing. The city resonates with past and present sounds, as if the illustrious artists who performed here, from BB King to Santana, welcomed those to come. Street performances take place between scheduled concerts, in the fervour of a delighted audience. Guitars, saxophones and percussions fill the days, vibrate the night, to offer visitors an unequalled stay. Further on, the Queen studio experience, near the casino, opens itself to you to plunge, with nostalgia, into the universe of this mythical group whose effigy of their leader, Freddy Mercury, great lovers of this city of character, sits near the lake, the gaze fixed forever towards the waves. Don't think about it anymore! All this can become a reality when booking a hotel in Montreux, Switzerland.

What about the Swiss chocolate train? Whether it's on board elegant 1915 pullman cars or in the more modern ones with their dazzling panoramic view, you combine pleasure with fun, the taste of chocolate with the wonders of discovery.

What to think of an escapade to Les Rochers-de-Naye where the train ride offers you a magnificent view of the whole of Lake Geneva? The descent can be carried out on foot, as close as possible to the marmots, where attractions for the children punctuate your walk by great moments of complicity...

So, whether in a luxury or charming hotel in Montreux, the staff, the shopkeepers around, the soul of the city, even, are waiting for you for a weekend, a week perhaps, and will leave unforgettable memories in your hearts.