Go for a wine weekend in France

Looking for an original stay? Why not try an oenological stay in France to discover the wines?

During this wine tasting weekend, you will be able to relax and escape from your everyday life by discovering new flavours.

Booking your hotel on Millevista for an oenological stay is a great way to discover the French wine-producing regions renowned for producing exceptional wines. You will be able to combine pleasure of eyes and taste buds and learn more about this noble drink which is an integral part of the culture and history of France.

An oenological weekend: a taste and historical discovery

You are a wine lover and have a preference for Bordeaux, Alsace or Burgundy wines? Why not consider an oenological weekend? A short getaway through the famous vineyards of France will take you to marvellous regions where you can discover new flavours and admire the beauty of the vineyards. During your wine tasting weekend, you can participate in workshops to learn more about the wineries. Thematic meals are also proposed in the domains during oenology stays.

An oenological stay: original holidays in the four corners of France

An oenological weekend will allow you to learn more about the wines, but you can also take advantage of this little interlude to discover the regional beauties. For example, if you want to explore the wine estates of the Loire Valley, you can make some stops in the famous castles. If you prefer to escape in the Bordeaux vineyards, you can take the time to explore the small villages of the west coast. There are also several estates in Provence that you can visit during a wine weekend, offering you the possibility to discover the Camargue and its wonders.

With Millevista, you can make an enological stay in magical places. Whichever wine route you choose, you will discover hotels or rentals to suit your desires and itinerary.

Discover the regions where to go on wine weekends