Wellness & well-being weekend

For a weekend of relaxation, trust Millevista to find the most beautiful views to enjoy your weekend of well-being and relaxation.

Need to relieve stress? To recover energy and vitality? To get some rest and recover the energy needed to cope with the stress of daily life, a relaxing weekend in a hotel with thalasso and spa is the perfect solution! The spa is a hot water tank equipped with nozzles that send water under pressure mixed with air. This allows the whole body to be massaged to relax, feel soothed and enjoy a wellbeing stay!

A wellness weekend with spa is therefore ideal to relax and some people also use it for its medicinal virtues. The whirlpool bath acts on the muscles and rebalances the energy flow and the hot water directed with precision thanks to the hydro-massage nozzles is particularly effective in treating people suffering from joint pain such as osteoarthritis. A relaxing weekend in a hotel proposing thalassotherapy and spa is particularly adapted to find serenity because this type of stay is focused on the search for well-being and tranquility. In addition, various body care products are offered such as massages and moisturizers based on shea butter to relax comfortably during this wellness stay.

The hotels with spa offer magnificent views of the sea, what to look forward to and keep an unforgettable memory of this relaxing weekend! Come and enjoy the enchanting scenery surrounding the hotels during your stay at the spa by making excursions on paths that invite you to travel. These places of calm and peace combined with relaxing walks are particularly exceptional for restoring strength, health and morale. Choose the length of time that suits you best for your thalasso stay and come to one of the many establishments that offer these wellness services. For couples, family or friends, weekend wellness offers are available all year round!

Embark for a relaxing romantic weekend

Who better than your beloved one to enjoy a wellness holiday?
The opportunity to meet you for a weekend and share a moment of intimacy with your half while relaxing in one of our establishments offering services centred on your well-being. A massage with a view of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, what do you say? Millevista offers you its selection of establishments to spend an unforgettable weekend of relaxation in love.