Find your hotel with a view in Etretat

Don't miss the Cliffs of Etretat during your next stay in Normandy!

The Cliff of Etretat offers great panoramas, from the top as well as from the sea. Admire the incredible light on the limestone at sunset time...

"If I had to show the sea to a friend for the first time, I would choose Étretat" says Alphonse Karr, a 19th century journalist and novelist and friend of Victor Hugo, who made the reputation of this former modest fishing village that would later become a famous seaside resort.

Come and admire the cliffs of Étretat, a unique landscape, forged by nature, which has inspired so many artists throughout history: from Maurice Leblanc for the writing of Arsène Lupin to illustrious painters such as Gustave Courbet or Claude Monet, as well as the novelist Guy de Maupassant who fell in love with this site to the point of describing it with passion in some of his writings and having a house built there, "La Guillette", a recently renovated place of memory that can be visited today on request. Located 25 kilometres from Le Havre and 70 kilometres from Rouen, the cliffs of Étretat occupy 7.8 kilometres of the French coast. Made of limestone, their light colour contrasts with the azure blue of the ocean, not to mention the Normandy sky which, with its changing reflections, enriches the rich palette of colours of this magnificent natural spectacle.

The chalky material of the cliffs of Étretat combined with maritime erosion has given them original shapes with evocative names such as the Aiguille Creuse, the Manneporte or the Porte de la Falaise d'Armont, which Maupassant compared to "an elephant dipping its trunk in the sea...". At the top of these, you will be dazzled by a breathtaking view of the sea and the majestic shapes of these rocks as "sculpted" by the elements. At their feet are pebble beaches that are popular with holidaymakers in summer. Lovers of sea swimming, sailing or paddle excursions at the foot of the cliffs of Étretat can enjoy themselves while enjoying the benefits of the Norman climate. Hikers or mountain bikers will also be able to admire a specific flora and fauna while letting themselves be transported by the sea air and the changing light of these landscapes shaped by the wind and the sea. Don't forget to visit Étretat, this pleasant seaside resort, but also the authentic villages of the Côte d'Albâtre and the Pays de Caux.

A site of nature and culture, you can admire this exceptional landscape from your hotel with a view of Étretat and its famous cliffs for a weekend or for a longer stay in Normandy by the sea!