Visit Belle-Ile-en Mer, and stay there a few days in a hotel with a view on the sea....

Belle-île en Mer is an island situated in the Gulf Morbihan. Discover Le Palais and the charming harbor of Sauzon, and enjoy breathtaking panoramas on the sea !

Sung by Laurent Voulzy, painted by Claude Monet and told by Gustave Flaubert, Belle Île is one of the indisputable jewels of Southern Brittany and the Atlantic coast, located 15 kilometres from the entrance to the Gulf Morbihan. Its population of 5000 inhabitants is multiplied every summer by the many tourists coming to enjoy the 80 kilometres of coast, beaches, trails and multiple activities available: golf, sailing, diving, surfing and many more... From the Vauban Citadel to the Cave of the Apothecary, Belle Île has so many sights and sounds to offer and is a must-see destination in Breton.