Thalasso & spa stay

Looking for a wellness holiday? Discover our hotels with a thalasso or a hotel with a spa for a pleasant stay

The benefits of a weekend in thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is ideal for treating everyday ailments, and this is valid at any age, contrary to what one might think. To make a thalassotherapy treatment for a weekend, it is the opportunity to rest your mind thanks to the marine waters. Coupled with a good lifestyle (sports, food...), a weekend or a day of thalasso will bring you lasting benefits on your body.

What's more, the view you'll have from the establishment where you book will be perfect to help you relax. You have well deserved to be pampered for a weekend of thalasso! A thalasso stay is a wellness getaway that will allow the body and mind to catch its breath, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ready for a relaxing spa break?

Many holidaymakers have been seduced by a wellness stay in thalassotherapy, why not you? You will find many destinations where to practice a cure (thalasso on the Côte d' Azur, in Brittany...).

Escape for a weekend at the spa

A stay in thalasso is also the opportunity to have a view on magnificent landscapes. In the sea as well as in the mountains, we have selected establishments with a dreamy view. Some of our establishments offer both a thalasso centre and a spa.

Nature walks, outdoor walks, massages... A stay at the spa is an opportunity to take care of your body and mind. Professionals accompany you so that your relaxation is complete: whirlpool baths, skin treatments, beauty treatments; the benefits offered for your well-being are numerous. A short stay in a thalassotherapy centre is sufficient for a good treatment.

A weekend in a hotel with a spa, alone, in couple or family, is the assurance of a successful weekend by letting yourself be pampered by the expert hands of the professionals present during your spa stays. Thalasso, spa, there is everything to organize a wellness weekend on Millevista.

Relaxation and wellness weekends

Relaxation will be the key word of your relaxing weekend. Whatever the destination, a thalasso stay on the Côte d' Azur or a spa stay with a view on the summits of the Alps, the services of our establishments are centred on your well-being. You will leave relaxed and rested from your relaxing stay. With the batteries recharged, you'll be in better shape to face everyday life again. A regular stay in a hotel with thalasso will heal your body and mind for a long time.