Embark for a holiday at the seaside for the holidays

Ready for a seaside vacation? Enjoy an exceptional sea view for your stay by the sea.

The seaside is yours on Millevista! Find the right place for a seaside holiday. Take the whole family for a seaside holiday!

Embark for a stay by the sea!

When the fine weather arrives, we have only one desire: to go on holiday and get away from everything to make the most of the sun and fresh air. What better way to enjoy a holiday than to leave for a stay by the sea? Always looking for little corners of paradise, Millevista takes you for a seaside holiday in a hotel, restaurant or villa with a sea view to enjoy unforgettable moments.

When summer comes around the corner, it's time to take a vacation! If you haven't yet chosen the ideal destination for this season, opt for a seaside holiday without delay. There are various reasons why this choice is ideal. Holidays at the beach, with fine sand and swimming in the translucent water, promise a unique experience. To relax, there is nothing better than a holiday by the sea: lay down on your towel, sunbathe, or soak your feet and body in the water before returning to the beach and bask in the sun...

Break the routine: take a few days holiday at the sea in a hotel by the sea. Leave your daily worries behind. Forget pollution, work, bills, routine and make room for warmth and rest. No noise can disturb you. Let yourself be enchanted by the song of the seagulls mixed with the soft sound of the waves. Whether you are with your family, a couple, friends or alone, the seaside holidays also offer a wide range of water activities: surfing, windsurfing and much more. For gourmets, the list of meals to enjoy by the sea is almost infinite with fish, shellfish and seafood. 

A restaurant by the sea will make your taste buds travel

More and more tourists love restaurants with views. There is nothing like a meal in a gastronomic restaurant to accompany your stay by the sea. Many regions offer amazing culinary specialities, are you ready to discover them?

In an idyllic setting, a restaurant on the seaside is ideal for escape. It will delight your beloved during romantic dinners, while enjoying the sunset, you will offer him or her a meal out of time with a view on the most beautiful seas in the world.

Enjoy the pleasures offered by a seaside stay, while breathing the sea spray from the window of your restaurant or hotel by the sea.