Head for the sun: a short getaway in heavenly islands.

There’s nothing like a spell in the sun to give you a great glow and help you face the winter cheerfully!

Winter is approaching, and if it fills you with thoughts of cold, snow, short days and greyness, why not head off to the sun and treat yourself to a little getaway in these paradise islands? A great boost for your vitamin D level and a wonderful holiday in the sun as well!

So where to go? Several sun spots are available, depending on your inclination and budget. 

The nearest is the Caribbean, top destination for sunseekers. It includes Guadeloupe and Martinique which will enchant you with their exotic and colourful landscapes. Martinique, with its quaint fishing villages, is known as the flower island. Guadeloupe has a volcano, luxuriant vegetation and the kind of beaches you dream about. These islands offer an unforgettable holiday in the sun. 

For people who love mountains as much as the sea, Reunion Island is an unmissable destination. You’ll see the hidden splendours of the island such as the "Piton de la fournaise", the "plaine des sables" and the Boucan Canot lagoon - landscapes to take your breath away. Want to swim? Try staying in both Réunion and Mauritius, the perfect mix of a holiday in the sun which combines excursions with lazy days. After a few days hiking and exploring, hop over to Mauritius, and enjoy its dreamy beaches, turquoise water at a temperature of 25°C, and its air, scented with vanilla and frangipani. 

Looking for another sun destination? Why not fly to the Indian Ocean and discover the Seychelles archipelago and the granite islands of Praslin or Mahe? Relax in front of the amazing landscapes: white, sandy beaches surrounded by magnificent rock formations. Take a swim and meet the multi-coloured fish in the clear, turquoise waters of the lagoon. Your dreams of a holiday in the sun just became a reality ... 

If don’t mind jet lag and a longer flying time, you can sunbathe in New Caledonia or French Polynesia. In New Caledonia, you can land in Nouméa, a lush island with postcard landscapes. Then escape to the island of pines, a real paradise on earth, surrounded by crystal clear water, where nature has remained unspoilt. French Polynesia is the sun spot at the end of the world. You’ll find an archipelago of heavenly islands, the stunningly beautiful lagoon and the kind of beaches you dream about. Visit Moorea, Bora Bora or Tahiti and bring back some sweet Tiare perfume in your suitcase. 

Your holiday in the sun is at your fingertips - so book your escape!