Restaurant by the sea

Find a restaurant with sea view on Millevista. Enjoy an unforgettable meal in a seaside restaurant.

For a meal with your feet in the water, find the beachfront restaurant you'll like. You will be charmed by the sea view offered by the restaurants by the sea on Millevista.

Find your ideal restaurant by the sea

Lunch or dinner in a seaside restaurant is a real pleasure for all the senses.
Whether at the seaside or on the beach, whatever the destination, an establishment with a privileged view always has the favour of customers! A seaside restaurant always remains a pleasant place to relax thanks to its privileged geographical location. Appreciated for its typical charm, its enchanting setting between the land and the sea and its relaxed atmosphere, a restaurant on the beach edge favours escape. For customers wishing to eat close to the water in a seaside restaurant in Marseille, in Cassis or on the beach of Etretat, you will find a very large choice on our site!

Normandy, Brittany or the whole Atlantic or Mediterranean coast offer incredible restaurants located on the seaside to spend an exceptional time. A beachside restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable view on the horizon, which will make your meal a moment out of time. The atypical charm and setting of these seaside restaurants are incomparable!

What better feeling than lunch or dinner in front of the sea, while enjoying elaborate dishes, to share a romantic moment with your half or a convivial break with your friends? With the view on the horizon, the refreshing breeze and the intoxicating scent of foam, your break by the sea will remain an unforgettable memory for you...

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