A mountain view: admire the beauty of the peaks

Winter or summer, go on mountain holidays and choose a chalet or hotel with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains!

In the mountains the landscapes vary according to the season, the altitude, the region... Contemplate a view on the majestic mountains from the heart of a village or a panoramic view from a summit!

A mountain view: far away from the prestigious sea view that holidaymakers often look for, the view of the mountains offers breathtaking panoramas. The majesty of the summits, the mysteries of a preserved environment where nature still reigns supreme, a sometimes impressive setting that will leave more than one speechless.

Would you like to go to the mountains in summer? Choose a hotel or chalet with a view of the green mountains, flowering alpine pastures and herds. An ideal bucolic setting to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the cities; magical places for lovers of green tourism ready to set off for the summits. From above, admire the view of the surrounding mountains, sublime panoramas going for some up to hundreds of kilometers in clear weather. You don't have to climb very high to enjoy these beautiful views. In the Northern Alps for example, the slightest summit will let you discover Mont Blanc! Without necessarily going to the high mountains - which exudes a special atmosphere, both disturbing and attractive - the mountain views of medium altitude are just as spectacular.

In winter, snow transforms the scenery, mountain views are synonymous with immaculate white and snowy peaks. The contrast under the sun with the deep blue of the sky makes the show even more striking. For ski and winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds, book a beautiful chalet with mountain views or a hotel with a view of one of the resort's prestigious summits and enjoy the majestic scenery at all times. Snowshoe walkers, cross-country skiers or hikers, get away from the resort and let yourself be swept away by the magic of these wide open spaces, admire the beauty of the preserved mountain...