Your stay with a view in a hotel in Tangier

Discover Tangier region staying in a hotel with a view !

Morocco's second economic city, and third in terms of population with just under one million inhabitants, Tangier is located at the north-western most point of the country. Its particular position on the Strait of Gibraltar makes it the closest Moroccan city to the European continent as it is only about twenty kilometres from Spain.

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A City to Discover

With its 2500 years of existence, Tangier holds many surprises and the various Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Arab and Portuguese invasions have shaped it over the centuries. Discover Medina with its old stalls, its tourist bazaars and its early marketers who make this old city a unique place. Stroll through the Kasbah, shop in the bazaars and in the most lively Souks of Morocco and discover local crafts.

Do not miss Tangier’s lighthouse, the Punta Malabata. From its summit, you will enjoy unrivalled views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the boats that cross the Mediterranean. In clear weather, you can even see the Spanish coast.

A Perfect Seaside Resort

Tangier is the perfect seaside resort location in Morocco. Whatever your budget and your tastes, you will find a hotel in Tangier that will meet all your expectations. Important tourist infrastructures have been put in place so that visitors can stay in peace and enjoy the magnificent beach that’s over 7 kilometres long, as well as the various restaurants that will help you discover the local specialties.