Our luxury hotels for your stay in Monaco

Are you planning a trip to the Principality of Monaco? Why not book a luxury hotel or a restaurant overlooking the sea?

Monaco - sometimes known simply as "le Rocher" (the rock) - is a city-state located close to Nice, and is the second-smallest independent state in the world, after Vatican City. On the Mediterranean coast along the French Riviera and at the foot of the Southern Alps, Monaco enjoys an exceptionally sunny climate. The royal family of Grimaldi has ruled there for over six centuries, thus making it the world’s oldest reigning family. On any trip to Monaco, some sights are not to be missed: the Palace, the Opera House, the Oceanographic Museum, the Port and the famous Casino de Paris. Take a tour around the city centre, without forgetting the city’s many museums and religious buildings. The Monaco Grand Prix, considered to be one of motor racing’s most prestigious events, has been held there for over 80 years. Come and discover Monaco in a luxury hotel or restaurant, with a sea view of course!