The Millevista charter

Our Quality Charter

The criteria selected for our choice of hotels, restaurants and villas are exact.

By “view” we mean a view that offers a sense of escape. We have selected five different types of view for our establishments: sea views, mountain views, lake or river views, views of nature (valleys, vineyards, parks and forests) as well as city views (a famous monument or entire cityscapes). An establishment can have several types of view at the same time (lake and mountain, for example). In this case, we would determine one as the “main view”, that is to say the one which is most current and offers the most characteristic view.

The main view of a hotel, a restaurant or a villa should be straightforward and extensive. Any views which are compromised or can only be taken in over a great distance by the observer are not accepted. The view must not be hidden by vegetation or structures.
We consider that the view which a hotel or villa offers can be from its guest rooms, its swimming pool, its terrace... or all those places at once! For restaurants, the view must be possible to take in and enjoy during a meal.

The view shown in the photos is, of course, dependent on the weather and season.

Finally, the establishment must have a good on-line reputation to be accepted.