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Enjoy a perfect weekend in Rome: the cultural richness of the City of the Seven Hills attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to its romantic atmosphere...

There are many words to describe Rome, the crade of European civilisation and capital of Italy. Whether you call it the Eternal City or the City of the Seven Hills, it is here that you can discover some of the most stunning wonders of antiquity. Whether you are strolling through the Roman Forums, exploring the majestic Colosseum, marvelling at the Pantheon or discovering the places where famous people like the painter Raphael or the kings of Italy once lived, there is a wealth of attractions in Rome to help you embrace the local culture during your stay. You will never be disappointed by a weekend break in Rome

Through the course of its history, Rome has welcomed countless artists whose works can still be seen today and which continue to delight generations of visitors. The Villa Medici, the Borghese Gallery and the famous Vatican Museums are home to thousands of paintings, sculptures and masterpieces covering different historical periods that you can delight in during your explorations. If you are spending a weekend in Rome, you will also discover its modern, lively and timeless side: its typical restaurants where you can sample bruschettas and ice cream, the lively nights in the warm Mediterranean climate, the huge avenues lined with shops where you can hear the sounds of laughter and passionate discussions at all times of the day and night... The Italian capital has something to offer everyone: art lovers, history buffs, gourmets, sports fans, nature lovers or simply those who are seeking the Dolce Vita, and it is for this reason that Rome remains eternally engraved in the heart of its visitors. So, are you ready to spend a romantic weekend in Rome?

Rome, an extraordinary open-air museum

Ancient capital of the Roman Empire, Rome was founded in 753 BC on the seven hills bordering the Tiber. Twenty-eight centuries of history dominate this ancient city, some traces of the past are perfectly preserved. From your charming hotel in Rome, explore this historic city.


The historic centre of Rome

Not far from your hotel in Rome, the Champ de Mars is one of the oldest quarters of the city. You can admire the Navone Square where an ancient stadium was built in the 1st century AD. The Pantheon, more than 2,000 years old, is in very good condition. Its dome, 43 metres high, is one of the jewels of this monument. Immerse yourself in the swarming atmosphere of the Place de la Rotonde, whose fountain surmounted by an obelisk dates from the Renaissance period.


Rome, a city of art

Close to your luxury hotel in Rome, the famous Trevi Fountain is a must stopover. Tradition dictates that you should throw in two coins : one to make a wish and the other to be sure to return to Rome one day. Continue your way to the Trinité-des-Monts church, accessible by the 135 steps of an 18th century staircase. But first, take a few moments on one of the steps to admire the Plaza de España. The latter owes its name to the ambassador of Spain who made it his quarter in the 17th century. Behind the church, the Borghese Gallery houses an important collection of paintings, sculptures and antiques that will delight art lovers.

In the footsteps of ancient Rome

The Capitol is the smallest of Rome's seven hills. At the request of Pope Paul III, Michelangelo built a square there in the 16th century. It is surrounded by several palaces: the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Palazzo dei Senatori and Palazzo Nuovo, whose museums located close to your charming hotel in Rome abound with works of art. The Capitol gives you an overview of the Roman Forum. The Arch of Titus, the Sacred Way, the Temple of Saturn or the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine are all vestiges of Roman times that you can admire during your stay in a luxury hotel in Rome. The size of the Colosseum makes it the largest amphitheatre in Rome. It could accommodate up to 55,000 spectators. The stands are spread over three floors and correspond to the different social classes of the Roman period.

What to see on the right bank of the Tiber?

From your hotel in Rome, cross one of the bridges of the Tiber to discover the castle Saint-Ange, a 2nd century building. It has numerous rooms dating from the Roman period as well as Renaissance frescoes. A few steps from the castle, stands the Vatican. Your visit begins with St. Peter's Square, surrounded by 4 rows of 284 columns. When you stand at a specific location between the obelisk and the fountain, you have the illusion of seeing only one row of columns instead of four. Cross the square to the largest basilica in the world: St Peter's Basilica, where Charlemagne was crowned Emperor on December 25th, 800. The dome is accessible either by elevator or climbing the 320 steps and offers a panoramic view of Rome. The basilica juxtaposes the Vatican whose many museums offer magnificent collections of paintings, sculptures, Egyptian antiquities... Pope Julius II asked Raphael to paint the 4 rooms of his apartments. Raphael's rooms are covered with frescoes painted between 1508 and 1525. The Sistine chapel is world famous for its paintings depicting Genesis and episodes of the Old Testament, produced by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.