Spa hotel in the PACA region : relaxing weekend in PACA

Take a wellness bath in a hotel with spa in the PACA region... Forget all your worries in a spa in PACA!

Enjoy a magnificent setting in a hotel with spa in PACA, superb region of France. Hosting a great diversity of landscapes, you will be seduced by your stay between sea and high mountain. Do not hesitate to visit the PACA region which is full of surprises.

The PACA region (or Provence-Alpes-Côte d' Azur) is one of the most beautiful in France. It is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, including alpine mountainous regions such as Mercantour, the summit of the Gélas or the Massif des Écrins. What could be better for your health than to enjoy the benefits of the sea air and the mountain air? Everything is put together for a romantic stay.

Need a relaxing stay? Trust the hotels with spa in the PACA region, where you can be cared for by thalassotherapy professionals who will do everything possible to enhance your beauty, health and well-being. The spas in the PACA region will also be able to offer you a set of exclusive models and beauty treatments, and they will also allow you to spend a whole range of physical activities.

You can enjoy massages, moments of relaxation in jacuzzis, hammams or saunas. The real power of water is too often underestimated to give beauty and health. Some packages for a stay in a hotel with spa in PACA also allow you to enjoy a relaxing weekend in PACA at a reduced rate.

As for the climate, it will only be able to convince you: summer is particularly sunny there, while winter, which is snowy in mountainous areas, is relatively mild near the coast. In any season, treat yourself to a thalasso cure in Provence, the opportunity to spend a weekend in love under the sign of relaxation in a center of thalasso. Perfect for a relaxing weekend, find your happiness by consulting our selection of hotels with spa for a stay with spa in PACA.

The cuisine of the PACA region is also extraordinary: you will be able to taste truffles, pastis, olive oil and herbs of Provence with an incredible flavour, which you will remember for the rest of your life, if you stay there for even a weekend. You will discover a Provençal region with an inexhaustible charm, where you can dream by the sea while discovering the most beautiful alpine peaks, and even explore the history of the region going back to the Roman Empire.