Getaway in the south of Corsica

Discover Corsica, island of beauty, island of a thousand mysteries and fabulous landscapes!

Corsica, nothing but its evocation makes you dream: a mixture of scrubland with a thousand secrets, steep and sometimes austere mountains, facing the bright light of the seaside, between creeks, pines and turquoise waters. Magnificent landscapes between mountains and sea, splendid colors from morning to night, a real little paradise only a few kilometers from the continent. Those who know this island well will no doubt say that every time they return, they always feel the same wonder. Here's a destination you'll love, without a doubt!

How to get to Corsica?

Corsica is above all an island, and even if many tourists go there every year, the trip is not so simple and sometimes expensive especially in high season. Whether by plane or ferry, with or without a car, it is advisable to book in advance if you want to get affordable rates in summer. It is the same for rentals: hotels, villas and even campsites can fill up from one year to the next, so it is not superfluous to want to book a year in advance! Of course if you have the possibility to visit Corsica out of season, especially in June or September, you will benefit even better from this idyllic setting, and you will meet charming local inhabitants, ready to help you!

Where to go in Corsica?

The southern tip and the surroundings of Bonifacio are not to be missed. One of the first villages in the south to visit is undoubtedly Porto-Vecchio, superb small village on the east coast of Corsica. Its sublime beaches, including the famous beach of Santa Giulia, are real jewels. Crystal clear water, fine sand, some rocks: a dream setting for all spectators on holiday.

For the more sporty, the Alta Rocca is only a few kilometres inland. These mountains offer multiple possibilities of hikes, all offering splendid landscapes on the Corsican summits and sometimes the sea in the distance. The most famous is undoubtedly the massif of Bavella and its singular needles pointed towards the sky which offer a breathtaking spectacle.

To the south, at the tip, discover the village of Bonifacio, fortified town perched atop the chalky cliffs. It is best to stop a few kilometers before the village and walk along the cliff to reach it. The viewpoints of this walk are simply magical! Avoid it in the middle of the day when the sun is relentless. At the foot of the village, you will find a calanque and calm waters for boats looking for a safe anchorage. Visit the village and stroll through its cobbled streets, this picturesque village is really unique. Don't miss the sunset: the colors of the facades and cliffs offer a striking spectacle.

Beyond the tourists and the yachts moored in the pretty port of Bonifacio, get off the beaten track and discover an island both wild and secret, which contains many mysteries. It's up to you to find out!