Book a luxury or charming hotel in Saint Malo

There is nothing like staying in a luxury hotel or a charming hotel with a sea view in Saint-Malo!

Find an incredible view on the sea in our hotels in St-Malo. Saint-Malo is a city resolutely turned towards the sea. Stay in Saint-Malo in a hotel with a view to contemplate the bay as soon as you wake up! Saint-Malo, also known as the "Cité Corsaire", is a city by the sea, full of history and culture. Second port of Brittany, the city allows the exploration of the ramparts surrounding it for almost 2 kilometers and offers magnificent panoramas on the beaches, the sea, the port and the forts. At low tide, many historic sites and monuments will be revealed to you. Rich in its past culture, it is also the scene of major events such as the Route du Rhum.

Around Saint-Malo, stroll on foot or by bicycle and discover the seaside and its splendid landscapes, where beaches and coves follow one another. The beaches of the Minihic and the Pont offer magnificent views of the bay of Saint-Malo. Discover our beautiful selection of charming hotels and luxury hotels in Saint-Malo!

A stay in a charming hotel in Saint-Malo: unique architecture and marine atmosphere

In the heart of the Mont-Saint-Michel bay, the fortified city of Saint-Malo welcomes many visitors every year. From the top of the ramparts, it is possible to book a hotel with sea view in Saint-Malo to let your gaze escape towards the sea. In the heart of the medieval city, shops are plentiful and promise visitors one day to fully experience the Malouine culture. Just a short distance from the fortified city, the hikes near Mont-Saint-Michel promise a change of scenery and views of the Channel waters.

A historic and warm heart of the city

In charge of a rich maritime history, Saint-Malo has prospered over the centuries thanks to trade and medieval discoveries. Witnesses of this history, the ramparts formerly used for military purposes today give the city its unique character. Between the narrow streets of the city, there are traditional craftsmen and restaurateurs. Choose a luxury hotel in Saint-Malo and walk the streets in the early morning. In the evening, take advantage of the malouines terraces and the warm atmosphere of the historic heart. At each corner of the street, new architectural surprises await visitors and make the charm of the city. Reserved for pedestrians only, this intramural part can be discovered in a stroll from a charming hotel in Saint-Malo.

Saint-Malo: a medieval town turned towards the sea

From the top of the ramparts or between the town's bastions, the views of the English Channel give the city centre a special marine atmosphere. Book a hotel with sea view in Saint-Malo to contemplate the tides coming and going. The harbour basins abut the beaches and offer beautiful walks along the sea walls. At low tide, the beach is discovered differently and gives access to the Petit Bé fort and the National fort. From these islands off the city, the view of the ramparts is wonderfull.

Many hikes to do near Saint-Malo

Spending a stay in a luxury hotel in Saint-Malo is an opportunity to discover all the sometimes unknown aspects of the old city of Malouine. Just a stone's throw from Saint-Malo, many hikes await the travellers. The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is not far away and can be visited in one day. On foot or by bicycle, the path of the customs officers on the GR34 follows the coast and allows you to discover sumptuous coves with crystal clear waters. Other activities such as horseback riding are possible and allow you to discover the coastline from a different angle.

To go further

Have you been around Saint-Malo and would like to continue exploring another coastal city? We can only advise you Perros-Guirec, 2 hours drive to the west. Perros-Guirec is an emblematic seaside resort in Brittany where land and sea meet to give life to sites of incredible beauty such as the famous Pink Granite Coast. Among the attractions not to be missed are the Ploumanach' Lighthouse, the Trestraou Bay or the Sentier des Douaniers, to be discovered during a hike whose landscapes will leave their mark on your mind forever. Feel free to browse through our selection of hotels with sea views in Perros-Guirec to get inspired and prepare your getaway!