Your stay with a view in a hotel in Nîmes

Nîmes, a city between contemporary art and the past

Stay in a hotel with a view near Nîmes and discover the "French Rome", from the remains of antiquity to contemporary architecture.

Nîmes, nicknamed "The French Rome", is a commune lying in Southern France. The city of Nîmes was created in the 6th century BC, and has managed to preserve the richness of its heritage. A mix of history, architecture and monuments with refined design, Nîmes is a city that is both rich in its past but very contemporary. Several engrossing museums, enchanting fountains and entrancing gardens can be found here. Nîmes is particularly known for its amphitheatres, where various festivities take place (concerts, fairs, games). In the summertime, the fairs attract the curious from across the globe, those who wish to discover the local traditions. Nîmes is an extremely pleasant town where people can enjoy the sunshine much of the year. Beyond the city of Nîmes, walk in the scrubland to the sound of cicadas, and do not miss the visit of the Pont of Gard, masterpiece of Roman architecture.

Nîmes is one of the favourite destinations for tourists due to its surprising Roman monuments and its AOC vineyard: Costières de Nîmes. By staying in a charming hotel in Nimes, you will discover this city in a different way, because you will benefit from an impregnable view on its rooftops or on its biggest tourist sites such as the Arena, the Square House or the Wood of Espesses.

What are the sites to discover from your luxury hotel in Nîmes?

Nîmes is above all a city that fascinates lovers of Gallo-Roman remains, because it is full of monuments erected in the time when the Romans invaded the region. During your stay, visit the Magne Tower, the Square House and the Arena dating from this period. Several religious buildings are also inescapable, such as Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor cathedral, which was consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096.

During your walks through the city, don't forget to take a walk through the gardens of the Fountain, which also came out of the ground in Roman times. Walk along the Quai de la Fontaine to discover its swans and visit the Temple of Diane, another monument built by the Romans in the 1st century and overlooked by Mount Cavalier.

What are the activities to do in Nîmes?

A stay in Nîmes is more than just exploring its historical monuments and visiting its museums. This city is indeed very lively and dynamic and you will be delighted to discover its fascinating cultural life from your hotel around Nîmes.

Shopping is one of the most important activities to do in Nîmes. This city is full of shops where you will find original gifts and souvenirs. You will also like to chase in its Provençal markets to go in search of a rare piece or a small treasure. The Nîmes nightlife is also bubbling, especially in summer. The evenings organized in its nightclubs attract crowds every time because the atmosphere is very festive and cheerful. The Nîmes cultural life is also very rich. If you book your charming hotel in Nîmes during the Feria (i. e. around Pentecost), you will have the opportunity to attend the great popular festival that takes place in the arenas. Several events are organized for the occasion such as the release of bulls, bullfights, concerts, etc. If you love football and are staying in a luxury hotel in Nîmes, don't miss a game at Costières Stadium to support the local team: Nîmes Olympique. The atmosphere is exhilarated and you will spend a memorable moment with your friends!

Finally, during your holidays in Nimes, don't forget to taste the Costières de Nîmes wines, which have been receiving an AOC since 1986. So stay in a hotel around Nîmes which enjoys a view of the vineyard and let yourself be carried away by the magnificent landscapes that will offer your view.