Your stay with a view in a hotel in Loches

Book your hotel with a view in Loches and discover a town with a great cultural heritage!

Loches, an enchanting town with a rich heritage, has no shortage of assets to seduce its visitors!

Loches, the "City of Art and History" is one of the few cities to have preserved almost all of its medieval ramparts, and within this centuries-old citadel, donjons, collegiates and royal dwellings display their splendour while there are endless paths that sometimes lead, for those of a curious disposition, to pleasant surprises such as the beautiful reclining figure of Agnes Sorel who has welcomed countless visitors over the centuries who never cease to marvel at her beauty.

Leaving your luggage in a hotel in Loches allows you to take your time and to escape from the stresses and strains of modern life, strolling through the medieval streets of the old town, lulled by the rhythm of the way of life that is typical of the beautiful Touraine region. When you stay in a hotel in Loches, you are also choosing an ideal starting point to take walks in the forest of Loches and to be in the heart of the Loire Chateaux region! As soon as you arrive, you will see immediately why Loches has earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful villages in France.