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Chambord is a province (known in France as a commune) in the region (or department) of the Loir-et-cher, in the centre of France. Chambord is an ideal starting point for a visit to the many castles or chateaux of the Loire!

Before visiting the magnificent Chateau de Chambord, a unique and elegant sample of Renaissance architecture, first visit some of the vineyards and wineries, where you are sure to be offered a free tasting. Lovers of good wine will be in their element, and can treat themselves at the gift shop, or, perhaps, purchase gifts for loved ones as mementoes of the trip.

Then, go onto the vast Chambord estate to visit the largest chateau of the Loire. The Chateau de Chambord is an architectural gem that stands in the heart of a beautiful, wooded estate, where nature has been crafted with care and aesthetics in mind. Visitors will be able to walk around approximately one hundred rooms of the chateau, continuing through the game reserve in the park, ending up by the stables. You should be sure to catch the 'Horses and Birds of Prey' show, in order to see splendid jousts between knights, as in medieval times. There are several ways in which to explore the Chateau de Chambord, including by boat or by carriage. Other, more fun, ways to explore, are to rent bicycles so you can pedal around in a family group, or hire a golf buggy. For those in search of peace and solace, even prayer, you can visit the beautiful Saint-Louis church and admire the wonderful fleurs-de-lys on the ceiling.