Your stay with a view in a luxury hotel in Cap-Ferret

You're going on vacation at the Cap Ferret? Discover our charming hotels or luxury villas for an exceptional stay!

Cap-Ferret is in an area located in the department of Gironde, Aquitaine. The region is part of the peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Arcachon. The town's population of 7,900 inhabitants greatly increases during the summer months when tourists go there to enjoy the beaches and stunning ocean views. A local nature reserve is easily accessible from this area.

Take a breath of fresh air from Cap Ferret in our charming hotels. Cap-Ferret is a commune located in the department of Gironde in Aquitaine. The originality of the city is to be located between the Atlantic Ocean  and the Bassin d' Arcachon. Its population of 7,900 inhabitants increases sharply in the high season when tourists come to enjoy the beaches and the breathtaking view of the ocean. Once there, a nature reserve is easily accessible.

A world-famous seaside resort, Cap Ferret is one of the best places to spend your summer holidays. With its nature, culture, beaches and activities, the Saint-Tropez de l' Atlantique offers you an atypical, warm, trendy and relaxed atmosphere. People looking for peace and quiet and wanting to relax in the sun also love its exceptional climate. That's why this area is so popular with celebrities who like to stay in a luxury hotel at Cap Ferret.

Cap Ferret, a paradise with exceptional sites

Cap Ferret is both the splendid landscapes on the Arcachon bay, the villages rich in culture and discoveries, as well as the magnificent waves of the Silver Coast. Enjoy your stay in a luxury hotel in Cap Ferret and your bike rides to discover majestic old villas or the Truc Vert, a unique forest in the whole world. Other activities are also essential, such as climbing to the top of its Lighthouse, taking the Petit Train or joining the pointe to enjoy a 180° view of the ocean. For lovers of the sea, sand and waves, don't miss to discover the immensity of the ocean and its treasures during a boat or pinasse excursion. Moreover, if you stay in a hotel at Cape Ferret by the sea, you will be blown away by the beauty of the landscape and your nights will be rocked by the noise of the waves crashing on the shore.

Villa rental in Cap Ferret for a comfortable stay during the holidays

For a successful romantic holiday, book in a charming hotel at Cap Ferret. You will spend romantic moments there with two of you while having an impregnable view on its lighthouse or on the dune of Pilat. If you are travelling with your family, choose a villa rental in Cap Ferret. Your children will have fun without restraint while enjoying the view of the fishing villages. Finally, if you enjoy boating or water sports, rent a room in a hotel at Cape Ferret by the sea.

Fill up on memories

Take advantage of your excursions to Cap Ferret to acquire souvenirs that are typical of this region. A representation of its emblematic lighthouse is thus an essential object that you will find on its markets or in its shops. You will also meet painters and artists who represent the huts, pinasses and sea in their works.

A stay to discover its culinary specialities

Your stay in a charming hotel in Cap Ferret will give you the opportunity to savour a "dune", a typical patisserie that was invented by a local pastry chef. Seafood is also served in most of its restaurants, but to enjoy a privileged moment at Cap Ferret, enter one of its oyster huts and enjoy them while they have been freshly harvested by oyster farmers.