Your stay with a view in Avignon

A stay in Avignon: an unforgettable town

Spend a weekend in Avignon, famous for its bridge, but also for its arts festival, lifestyle and cultural riches. A weekend in Avignon offers plenty to see!

"To arrive in Avignon under a beautiful autumn sunset, that's an admirable thing. Autumn, the setting sun, Avignon, these are three harmonies" (Victor Hugo). 

The small town of Avignon has everything that a larger one does. You can't pass through Vaucluse without stopping, and once there, you won't want to leave! An ideal destination for a change, you'll be enchanted by this historic town with its rich heritage. Avignon is one of the few French towns to have preserved all the sites and monuments that testify to its history. 

But Avignon is also enlivened by a vibrant artistic and cultural scene with choice of theatres, cinemas, museums and festivals. It's a town full of life where you can stroll sunlit streets to discover both medieval buildings, and hotels typical of the Renaissance. In addition you can visit the Papal Palace, the Rocher des Doms with its public gardens, and of course, Saint-Bénézet, the real name for Avignon's bridge. In July, don't miss Avignon's festival, considered one of the most important arts festivals in the European calendar.