Feel the magic of Annecy while enjoying an exceptional view on the lake from one of our charming hotels in Annecy

Admire Lake Annecy from our charming hotels: a view on the lake and the Alps awaits you! Here is our selection of charm to stay in a hotel in Annecy.

Annecy is located in the Rhône-Alpes region. It is nicknamed the "Venice of the Alps" because of the three rivers that pass through the historic centre of the city. Annecy is also famous for its lake above the Alps. The city is characterised by its relief and vegetation, its forest is great for walking in the mountains or for a hike or ski and finally the lake where you can bask in the scenery... Annecy is a lovely city to visit.

Between water, mountains and heritage: Annecy

The lake tour will be full of surprises! During a bicycle ride, you will discover small paths among the vegetation that allow you to climb up and have an exceptional view on Lake Annecy. Choose a charming hotel for your stay in the charming city of Annecy. At the end of your holiday, you will have only one desire: to come back and spend a few days in a luxury hotel in Annecy.

Between water and mountains, the city of Annecy is unique. Choosing to rent a villa in Annecy or a hotel in Annecy is the opportunity to enjoy this seaside and mountain resort for a weekend or a week. In the heart of the Alps and on Lake Annecy, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful city.

Medieval architecture: Annecy's heritage

Heiress of Savoyard history, the city offers many mysteries and imposes itself thanks to its monuments. The old prisons (Palais de l' Isle) are an inescapable monument of the ancient city as well as the small sloping streets which allow to see the old districts from the heights of the city. The ancient buildings plunge the traveller into a past revealed by the city's current dynamism. Among the cobbled streets, the castle of Annecy dating from the XIIth century is visited and makes you relive in the time of the dukes of Geneva. Another famous building, the Basilica of the Visitation, visible for miles around, is both a landmark and a religious symbol. In the heart of this medieval past, choose your charming hotel in Annecy or why not a luxury hotel in Annecy?

Presence of water: Annecy , a romantic city

The Thiou district with its canals and of course Lake Annecy are a must for couples looking for romantic weekends. Stroll through the historical alleys, join the lakeside and enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding mountains: enjoy these magical moments. the must : go on the famous "Pont des Amours" to immortalize this unforgettable moment! And why not enjoy such a moment booking a charming hotel in Annecy?

In the heart of the Alps: Annecy & its nature

With its 124,000 inhabitants, the city of Annecy also favours its natural character. Surrounded by mountains, the pure alpine air is never far away. By reserving a luxury hotel in Annecy you will be able to enjoy this exceptional environment: hiking and escape in the heart of nature. At an altitude of almost 1,700 m, the summit of Semnoz is a must for its breathtaking view on the Aravis and Mont-Blanc in the background. In winter, the sea of clouds that covers the valley makes the place almost unreal. Whether you choose to rent a villa in Annecy or a hotel in Annecy, you will be able to enjoy the presence of a charming city at the foot of the mountains. In winter, it also means staying closer to the ski resorts!

Rich in activity, the city knows how to seduce its visitors by its multiple facets. The charm of old Annecy marked by the ancient buildings and the omnipresence of water gives a particular character to the place. In the centre of the mountains, Annecy's singularity is reinforced. Let yourself be guided by its assets and book your hotel in Annecy quickly to fully enjoy your stay in the small Venice of the Alps!