Your stay with a view in a hotel in Angoulême

Stay in a hotel with a view and discover the charms of Angoulême!

Would you like to go on holiday in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine? Or take a short break not far from Angoulême? Perhaps you don't know where you could stay. Take a look at our selection ...

If you like the region around Angoulême, and you are planning to go there for a holiday, you might enjoy the beautiful Nouvelle Aquitaine region while staying at one of our calm and relaxing hotels.

Staying at a hotel in Angoulême means spending some restful time in an idyllic rural location that also offers all the attractions of a tourist town. Our hotels are ideally situated for visitors on longer holidays or shorter city breaks. There is plenty for families and friends to do, and you can also take leisurely walks through the area, admiring the charming sights that this lovely French region has to offer. The narrow, paved streets will make you want to escape on foot and explore the heart of this magnificent, and typically French town centre.

Don't wait any longer! Book a hotel room in Angoulême, and spend a few days in the Angoulême region, or in Angoulême itself!