France's most beautiful beaches

Beaches in a sublime setting: from Corsica to Brittany via the Alps, little corners of paradise to discover!

What could be more pleasant than swimming in a dream setting? Everything depends, of course, on what is meant by this, and everyone can have their own choice criteria. For those who flee crowded beaches, concrete beaches and prefer by far a beautiful transparent water in which you can see your feet, the more nature is present, the better. Of course, there are still city beaches such as La Baule beach, which remain very beautiful, but they do not always have the expected charm. An enchanting setting, it is rather crystalline water, fine and soft sand, room to put your towel, and beautiful landscapes under the eyes. Nothing simpler indeed! But in the middle of summer, unless you go to the end of the world... it's not an easy task! Here are a few favorites which do not always meet 100% of the criteria, but which remain magical places to which one can return with happiness.

The Palombaggia beach in Corsica

If you go in the south of Corsica, in the crowd, you can fear the worst...especially in the middle of August! But don't stop when you arrive on the beach: by going along the sea to the west, you will find coves just as beautiful, and much less crowded, including the beach of Acciaju and Tamaricciu around the Capu di Acciaju. Clear and calm sea dotted with beautiful rocks, turquoise waters, fine sand, umbrella pines and junipers. Without doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas of Corsica!

The calanques from Marseille to Cassis

We stay in the same type of scenery: from Corsica to the French Riviera, the landscapes are similar! Sormiou, Morgiou, Sugiton, En Vau... not easily accessible for some, unless you walk or have a boat. But the scenery is well worth it. The Calanque d'En-Vau is surely one of the most famous in spite of its pebble beach: the views that can be admired from the En-Vau lookout are simply magnificent.

Finistère headland and Crozon peninsula

Climate and scenery change, but the magnificent wild landscapes of this Breton coast will leave you speechless. From Telgruc to Camaret-sur-Mer, immense beaches (especially at low tide), fine sand, transparent water... and the pines by the sea would almost make you forget that you are in Brittany. Beyond Camaret, Veryac'h beach in Pen'Hir cove is a real jewel.


How about a swim in a lake? Here are 2 ideas for those who don't like the sea, the sand that sticks to the toes, and the salt that scratches the skin :)

Lake Annecy

Twenty years ago, there were still beaches around Annecy where one did not meet anyone... but that time is over, unless you rent a pretty villa by the lake and enjoy its private beach and pontoon. By going there early in the morning, you can still hope to enjoy the calm of the lake shore and the beauty of the moment. The sun appears behind the summits, the first rays make the transparent water shine and invite you to dive! Beautiful water and mountains around... a real postcard scenery!

Lake Serre-Ponçon

This artificial lake in the Hautes Alpes, with its emerald green color and its extraordinary environment, will amaze you. If many tourists enjoy supervised swimming at the "plan d'eau", near Embrun, there are others as beautiful, as the beach of Pommiers in the Bay Saint Michel or more wild as that of Trémouilles in the bay of Chantemouille. All offer splendid views over the Alps and a magnificent range of colour from the green of the mountains to the turquoise of the lake water under an azure blue sky.

And there are many more as, whatever the region, if you look carefully, you always end up finding a little corner of paradise where you can swim!