Your stay with a view in a charming hotel in Piana

Visit Piana and stay in a charming hotel or a villa with a view on the sea !

Piana - Between town and creeks, many beautiful landscapes to discover !

Piana is a French city in so many ways ... but not quite as patriotic. Impregnated with a strong Italian culture, it is located in Corsica, northwest of the grand island. And it is true that it boasts magnificent places: who would have thought that only a few kilometres from this continent there is a place with insolent beauty, shared between other mountains, sky and the sea? It is for this surrealist spectacle that the creeks of Piana have been recognised since 1983 as the UNESCO world heritage site.

If you are planning to visit Corsica this summer, then your travel itinerary must include a visit to this destination. The city of Piana is a hotspot not to be missed and best of all, it is not saturated with tourists for your utmost happiness! All you need to do is choose your Piana hotel or villa. And you will be spoilt for choice. Opt for a local authentic hotel in Piana, Corsica, in the heart of this pretty town. Or if you wish, go for a hotel or villa in Piana that overlooks the majestic and famous calanques on the island.

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