Your stay with a view in a luxury hotel in Bonifacio

Discover South Corsica in our luxury hotels or rent a luxury villa around Bonifacio for an intimate stay!

Want to break the routine and a unique change of scenery in a dream environment? Book a hotel in Bonifacio! The island of Beauty abounds in beautiful corners where nature surrounds you with its beauty. Bonifacio is a port city with a Mediterranean character, rich in multiple influences, which will conquer the heart of fans of nature, culture and idleness.

Situated in the extreme south of Corsica, Bonifacio is a virtual open-air museum. Its craggy cliffs, numerous beaches, islands, caves and hiking trails, are some of its many charming assets which make this a most picturesque Corsican town. Bonifacio is totally unspoiled and its wonderfully pleasant climate offers the enticing prospect of a privileged lifestyle. On top of all this, its towering citadel and natural harbour below create a unique atmosphere.

During your holidays in Corsica, take the time to visit the alleys of Bonifacio, to enjoy the freshness of its cobbled streets, before going back down to the marina or climbing up the ramparts to admire the magnificent view of the cliffs on the seaside. Breathtaking coves, warm and crystal clear waters, around Bonifacio you can pass from the crowds to solitude, if you like hiking and steep paths.

What to visit in Bonifacio?

Once settled in your luxury hotel in Bonifacio, the tourist visits will not fail to dazzle the visitor eager to discover the soul and the history of the city. A commercial port with a turbulent past, Bonifacio has several loading docks that invite you to board a boat to admire the south coast of Corsica. Its fortified city, facing Sardinia, offers to the tourist a breathtaking spectacle with its cliffs, to be discovered by boat to appreciate the view of the village and the bastion. The Gate of Genoa will also be a cultural discovery to be immortalized with a beautiful photograph. The staircase of the King of Aragon, carved from limestone, also offers an unobstructed view of the sea at sunset. Two cemeteries and two lighthouses are also to be discovered for fans of old stones and history. If you choose to rent a villa in Bonifacio, be sure to choose one that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful and romantic sunsets of the city.

Activities around a hotel in Bonifacio

Sea and rock town, there is no shortage of activities. If you stay in a luxury hotel in Bonifacio, you will easily have the opportunity to learn about the various cultural and sporting activities that await you in the south of the island. But here are a few that should surely seduce you.
Couples of lovers will know how to take advantage of the sunset to walk in the cobbled alleys impregnated with history. But there is much more. The Citadel of Bonifacio is undoubtedly the visit not to be missed under any pretext. For fans of rocks and sea, this corner of the island is home to several caves that you will enjoy discovering. Lovers of idleness? You will love the beach of Petit Spérone, small but with white sand and crystal clear water.
From your villa rental in Bonifacio, you can also go for hiking or rent a donkey, a very fashionable way of transport on the island to visit the coast and the hinterland. The sites in the vicinity of the Bavella massif invite thrill seekers to canyoning. The nature parks are also jewels of the island for nature lovers.

Let's go to Corsica and enjoy a few days of wilderness and history in Bonifacio.

South Corsica hides many faces to discover from Bonifacio!