Charming hotel in Provence

Enjoy a pleasant stay under the sun. Book in a charming hotel in Provence!

In a hotel in Provence, you can enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate in summer and winter. The calm, the song of the cicadas, the smell of lavender that you will be able to breathe from your hotel of charm in Provence will offer you a total change of scenery...

Discovery of Provence

There is nothing like a small stay in a hotel in Provence to spend an unforgettable moment. There are plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries all year round. Sea baths, sunbathing, water sports, cycling, boating or fishing, everything is allowed to visitors. Hinterland and coastline offer different alternatives not to be missed in all seasons. Located by the sea on the Côte d'Azur in a charming hotel, the ideal is to rest and relax above all: this is what makes the charm of a hotel in PACA.

The Côte d' Azur offers tourists solutions adapted to their needs. Charming hotels in Provence, but also restaurants, outdoor activities: walks, visits, relaxation during a spa weekend, entertainment and shopping are the main points of interest. Some of the most important sights include the Rade de Toulon, the Isle of Porquerolles, the peninsula of Giens, the Grande Corniche, as well as cities such as Nice, Menton, Cannes, Hyères and Saint-Tropez.

An awakening under the cicadas' song... a smell of the south invades you. A lunch under the infinitely blue sky, with a mild temperature whatever the season... You will take back a stay in a hotel in Provence, won't you? We forget everything in this region, and we would like to forget to go back to the daily routine!


Relaxation all year round in the charm of Provence

A region full of charm, Provence offers you its range of flavours: as culinary specialities, the famous fish soup with aïoli, the original vine leaves and the famous salad from Nice are at the top of the menus. Delicious treats to eat on the spot, in our charming hotels, in town or by the sea. Various tastes and local colours will delight the lovers of change of all kinds. Throughout the year, only one season is displayed in the PACA region: it's summer. From January to December, the climate is mild and serene... ideal for holidays under the sign of good humor.

Choosing to spend a holiday in a hotel in the Côte d' Azur guarantees sunshine, relaxation and conviviality. It is not for nothing that it is the main tourist destination of the French!

So, don't hesitate and trust Millevista to find you the best hotel in Provence.