Why don't you go to the sun? Some exotic destinations to fill up on vitamin D

Aiming for the sun: go to the tropics in winter

Monday morning: weather of the week: rain, gloomy weather and no real improvement in perspective. Winter and cold, why not, but without the sun, it's less funny.... Isn't the sun at the rendez-vous? Why don't we go look for him where we're sure we can find him? A short stay in the sun in perspective, it's going to cheer you up, isn't it? The airlines keep on sending us every day their promotional messages and praising their unbeatable prices (that's what they say!!) for the most tempting exotic destinations... The Caribbean, Mauritius, Reunion Island, and why not Les Seychelles? Well, it's not right next door for sure, but in the end, it's no more expensive than a ski holiday! Three destinations with postcard landscapes:

Sunny destination n° 1: the Antilles

The simplest exotic destination, because the nearest, the Antilles harbours a thousand wonders and grandiose landscapes. Whether in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélémy or elsewhere in the Caribbean, discover exceptional panoramas on a blue and green background, between lush vegetation and turquoise lagoons.... Multicoloured flower gardens, sugar cane fields, white sandy beaches, your sun holidays are waiting for you!

Sunny destination n° 2 : combo Réunion/ Maurice

For those who do not only wish to stand by the beach and relax, Réunion Island reveals its unsuspected splendours: the desert of the sandy plain, the tropical forest of Bébour, the circus of Mafate, without forgetting the lagoon and its fine sandy beaches, so many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

One hour's flight away, relax! Mauritius will enchant you with its large white sandy beaches, turquoise water at 25° and coconut palms. Real panoramas of postcards!

Sunny destination n° 3 : the Seychelles

Ah, Seychelles is a dream come true! A true little paradise on earth, with its white sandy beaches and spectacular granite rocks. And the wonder continues underwater, take mask and snorkel and swim to meet multicolored fish, rays or turtles....

Just by reading this article, the fog and grayness got a little far away, didn't they? :) ;