Lake Annecy: between lake and mountains, exceptional landscapes!

From the "Pont des Amours" to the "Petit Port" : a sublime view of the lake and the surrounding mountains

There are those who prefer the sea, ocean aficionados, those who will never bathe in a lake, but all agree to say that Annecy reserves magnificent landscapes for its visitors in all seasons. In winter, the snow-covered peaks are reflected in the lake's waters and offer landscapes with almost unreal lights. In summer, you will succumb to the charm of this flowery old town, also called "Little Venice" for its canals and small stone bridges.

The surroundings of Lake Annecy, a superb environment to discover in any season !

Annecy has the immense advantage of offering magnificent viewpoints no matter where you are. A simple example at the end of autumn by the lake in front of this grandiose landscape: clear skies, peaks sprinkled with snow, the first rays of sunshine reflecting on the surface of the water. There's worse scenery, isn't there?

A pathway along the lake

You can easily walk along the Annecy lake from the old town to the small port of Annecy-le-Vieux (be careful, do not confuse the 2), passing by the gardens of L' Impérial Palace. The edge of the lake is fully equipped so that cyclists, rollerbladers, runners and pedestrians can cross without being disturbed and the view is simply splendid... At the end, on the Annecy-le-Vieux side, the "promenade lacustre" as it was called, with its pontoons of 2.50 m without guardrails, gives the impression of floating on the water. Deck chairs, individual chairs and designer benches have been placed on viewpoints to take the time to admire the landscape.

If you wish to spend a weekend there and enjoy this magnificent panorama from your room, we have selected several establishments that should seduce you... whether they are just by the lake or on the hill to take a little height, all offer magnificent views. Exceptional moments guaranteed... Below the view from the terrace of the Impérial Palace : just by the lake, with a breathtaking view of the mountains!