Restaurant with view or how to combine pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of the taste buds

An idea to enhance your weekends and getaways: take time for lunch or dinner in a restaurant with view, and share exceptional moments!

How about lunch in a restaurant with a view ?

With the arrival of the sunny days, it's hard to resist the desire for a little getaway, whether by the sea, the ocean, or simply in the middle of nature, or a few steps from home. You wouldn't feel like suddenly wanting to disconnect yourself, cut yourself off from everyday life, and enjoy the sun at the beginning of summer?

So, what would be the goal for next weekend? Take the time to rest for a while, enjoy the atmosphere and tranquility of the place, without necessarily programming a thousand and one activities? Sometimes difficult when we don't know if we'll come back to such a beautiful place... But as we can never see everything, we might as well take advantage of it and go home serene and rested to attack the last straight before the holidays!

Whether you are on holiday or at the weekend, in a hotel or a villa, with family or friends, nothing prevents you from having lunch on the terrace, with a beautiful view under your eyes! Combine the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds, to fully enjoy the beauty of the moment! Everything depends of course on the destination, but each region of France has small treasures...

A restaurant with a view on the Mediterranean Sea

You have gone to seek the sun and the heat of the south of France, the song of the cicadas and the smell of the pines, and even if the sea is perhaps not yet warm, you already feel on holiday... Why not take a break at the restaurant Les Oliviers in Bandol ? A lunch with view on the bay of Rènecros, a splendid panorama in front of a turquoise water where one wants to dive. And happiness continues in the plate, with dishes as beautiful as refined, based on fresh products delicately cooked. A very nice address on the French Riviera!

A restaurant with nature view

Far from the salt water, but under the sun of the Alps, the Lac du Bourget region invites you to relax and stroll. Between valleys and vineyards, green landscapes as far as the eye can see, experience an enchanted break for a weekend. It is in the heart of this region, in the small village of Jongieux that Chief Michaël Arnoult, today doubly starry, settled. Its restaurant Les Morainières offers fine and creative cuisine in an exceptional setting. Enjoy dishes with unique flavours while contemplating the surrounding countryside...


A restaurant overlooking the Atlantic coast

The moors, the dunes, the ocean and the Basque country in the background: a beautiful region where to relax for a great weekend. Discover Jean des Sables, in Hossegor: a modern and refined restaurant on the beach with the ocean for only horizon, local fishing products on your plate, excellent cuisine... Time stops to enjoy this exceptional lunch, to share unforgettable moments with those around you.

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