Happy New Year 2018!

3 good resolutions for 2018: continue to travel, take your time, have fun: nice program, isn't it?

And here is a new year behind us, comes then the hour of the balance sheets, with a little nostalgia sometimes, but above all beautiful memories! If we had to keep three of them, what would be the good resolutions this year?

The first one: continue to travel

Not always simple between the international context and his anxious information, professional constraints and family obligations... a trip sometimes seems difficult to envisage. But as many bloggers say, these are only bad excuses, and finally, all these constraints will always exist, so we must free ourselves from them and launch ourselves! It is not necessary to go very far from elsewhere, the most important thing is to escape!

There is one before, one during and one after the journey. Before, there is already all its preparation. Even for a simple weekend, the choice of the destination, the accommodation, the unavoidable not to be missed... all these little details are slowly immersing us in our future getaway, and these preparations are already starting to make us travel. This is often what motivates us, the prospect of leaving in X days or weeks, also allows us to progress more serenely in our daily lives. There is also the after-sales service, of course, with the sorting out of all the souvenir photos, the anecdotes to tell, the discoveries to share... in short, lots of good moments in perspective !

The second one: just take the time, quite simply

Time for what? To do things quietly, to enjoy your surroundings, to contemplate the places where you pass. We often say that we did not have the time to do this or that... but sometimes it would only be a matter of stopping for a few minutes, to listen to beautiful music, to admire a landscape from a new angle or to let one's mind wander for a few moments. Dreaming is another form of escape after all!

The third one: having fun

Yes, it's easy to say, but sometimes you forget to think about yourself! Of course, its realization can take many aspects according to each of us. The most important thing is what you get out of it, that feeling of pure happiness, of enjoying a little privileged moment, of living an exceptional moment, and of feeling good, at peace with yourself, the free spirit.

In short: travel, escape, contemplate, enjoy oneself: with such perspectives the year begins rather well, doesn't it?