What is a beautiful view?

What is a beautiful view? How can we define such a subjective notion as the beauty of a landscape?

It's a big question for us, passionate about this theme that represents our everyday life. After all, what is a beautiful view? It's normal to ask yourself the question - and that's one of the first things we talked about with the team at the beginning - but it's less obvious to answer.

How can we define such a subjective notion as the beauty of a landscape? In each individual, the appreciation of a panorama is not going to be the same because it will appeal to memories, emotions, tastes... so many variables that make a judgment can be radically opposed from one person to another.

The question is not so much what is beautiful, but rather what will provoke pleasant emotions.

At the base of our concept, there is a very strong image that has imposed itself on us: the quasi-systematic reflex that most of us have when we arrive in an unknown place - in this case, a hotel room - which consists of drawing curtains, opening shutters or simply approaching the window to discover what the landscape has in store for us. The waiting of this revelation certainly generates a little suspense: the view is a surprise to discover. Because we know that it can have a very strong impact on our experience, we have high hopes for it.

You must have noticed that when we discover for the first time a sight that subjugates us, it is almost impossible not to verbalize it by making a small exclamation, a "cry of the heart" that expresses our enchantment:)

But then what causes this enchantment? For our part, we have retained a fundamental notion that is evasion. Being in a hotel, restaurant or villa, and contemplating a beautiful view causes a feeling of escape: our body is posted at a fixed point, but our mind wanders in the landscape. We have the feeling of being immersed in this painting that we observe, of being one with it. Thus, you can feel "soothed" in front of a calm sea, "invigorated" in front of a majestic mountain, or "blown away" when a succession of skyscrapers or roofs unfold before your eyes from a high observation point.

The feeling of escape is thus provoked by this "walk" of our brain through the landscape, a moment conducive to total disconnection and meditation. In order for evasion to work, it is obviously necessary to have a minimum of distance on what we observe and a certain amplitude of the field of vision. The more the panorama is hidden by other parasitic elements, the less immersion is strong. The eye must be able to walk freely and land in the distance.

However, the fact remains that each individual feels different emotions depending on the landscapes he or she faces. So that everyone could escape, on our site we chose to reference several different types of views (there was no reason to privilege the undeniable view of the sea, always very popular): So the sea, but also mountains, nature, rivers and even the city, because we believe that certain urban panoramas created by mankind can be just as impressive as the wonders of nature.

In our opinion, a beautiful view is therefore a view that lets our spirit escape, giving us a special feeling: serenity, calmness, wonder, inspiration, freedom. Very subjective criteria, you might say! How to select our establishments on emotions? It is here that you will have understood that our selection work is not simple. It is necessary to take the time to move forward step by step by consulting each other... and this is how the Millevista collection gradually becomes richer!