Your stay with a view in a hotel in Vienna

Book your hotel with a view of Vienna, Austria or its surroundings.

Crossed by the Danube, the magnificant city of Vienna will delight you, just as it delighted the Austrian Empress Sissi.

With its rich cultural past, Vienna’s musical heritage will enchant you. Mozart, Beethoven and many, many more left their magical mark. Twirl away in a Viennese waltz or forget all your cares with the Viennese Boys’ Choir. Feast your eyes with the operas and theatres of Vienna, which are renowned world-wide. Go and pay tribute to the indomitable Sissi in the Hofburg and then explore the wealth in the golden treasure chambers that house the Royal Court ornaments. Beyond its heritage and rich culture, Vienna has been able to move with the times and stay vibrant and young. The quality of life in Vienna rivals that of any international city. It is easy to go out at night and relax in a café or enjoy a football match between many Austrian teams, before heading back to your hotel in Vienna.

Finding a hotel in Vienna, Austria is very simple, and the wonderful hospitality and Germanic culture will surprise you … absolutely wonderful! 
Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most accessible cities in Europe, and each of its neighbourhoods bewitches with its originality and unique culture. Famous for its welcoming taverns, its gastronomic richness and its famous café,"L' Impériale" as it is also known, also has an impressive architectural heritage alternating between imperial and modern sites. You can book now a luxury hotel in Vienna or a charming hotel in Vienna to take advantage of all this cultural richness during your next holiday.

Not to be missed during a stay in Vienna

From any charming hotel in Vienna you will have the choice between a wide variety of activities according to your preferences and the period during which you visit the city:
- go to the opera,
- discover museums and imperial sites,
- enjoy coffee (take part in the Viennese Coffee Festival in January),
- skating (the ice dream from January to March in front of the town hall),
- go to the ball (In January and February, take part in the waltz festival,
- visit "Kunstsupermarkt", the art supermarket.

More than 100 museums to discover in Vienna

Whatever period you choose to rent your hotel in Vienna, art will undoubtedly be part of your stay. From international art collections to smaller collections and others to simply satisfy the public's curiosity, exhibitions are held throughout the seasons of the year. There is also a supermarket for art called Kunstsupermarkt. More than 5,000 original works by nearly a hundred young and/or renowned contemporary artists from different countries are on sale at each opening. Portraits, photographs, watercolours, acrylics, oils, and sculptures are available for all budgets. The 650-year-old Austrian National Library, with its centuries of history, is also a privileged place for Viennese tourism.

Vienna, crossroads of world music

Music is omnipresent in Vienna. Great composers such as Beethoven and Mozart lived there and composed famous music. The world's biggest names are regularly featured on concert and opera posters. The Vienna National Opera, one of the world's first operatic addresses, offers a programme that changes every day, with almost 300 evenings a year. You can easily get there from your luxury hotel in Vienna. As for the Volksoper, Vienna's largest hall and the only one dedicated to operetta, it offers high-profile musical events: operas, musicals and ballets. Music is within everyone's reach, with seats from 3 euros.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the various amenities offered by your hotel in Austria in Vienna to relax before resuming your exploration of the city.